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Solidly built...A really nice, interesting product that can help you quite a bit.

"Mr. Fix-It," Lou Manfredini
DIY Home Improvement Expert
NBC Today Show, House Smarts, WGN Radio 720, USA Today

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4.5 stars
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After a good first load, I went for the jugular--two pairs of jeans, a bath towel and some work clothes. Outside of the unavoidable noises of the drum motor and water pump (and hard buttons hitting in the dryer), I can't really hear the machine anymore. I'm a believer!" I'm sure his downstairs neighbors appreciate the difference as well!

Mary Marlowe Leverette
Laundry Guide expert, About.com
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They [WashPucks Pro] are as advertised!

Rick Allen
Host of Rick's House Radio Show

More happy customers

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Thanks for the WashPucks.... these work great !!! I live in a new construction community outside of Las Vegas and our washer/dryer is on the second floor. When the washer is on the spin cycle, my whole house shakes - but not anymore - thanks to your product. WashPucksPro worked instantly..

Robert A.
Las Vegas


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I recently purchased your WashPucksPlus product because I had moderate vibration and noise.I also choose this product, because it was made from cork, which is a renewable source, and since I live in California, this was an important part of my decision as to which of your three products to choose from. WashPucksPlus reduced the noise level and eliminated the vibration that I left thru the floor. Great product, I recommended it to all my friends.

Alexandra A.
San Francisco, California


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I needed something to solve the vibration caused by my front-load washer. I live on the 22nd floor of a high rise building and my neighbors below me on the 21st floor would not stop yelling at me because of the vibration that my washer caused them. They could not sleep from all the vibration. I looked at several stores locally and could not find anything that would help me. Someone told me to use a 2x4 to raise the washer - but that only made the problem worse. Then I found WashPucksPro and that changed my life - no more noise or vibration. WashPucksPro worked for me and the people who live below me are so happy - they bought a set as well. Thank You Washpucks !!!!

Gina K.
Boca Raton, Florida


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Washpucks Pro is the only product that worked for me - I tried some others but nothing else was able to stop the washer from shaking.

Nick S.
Crystal Lake, Illinois


quote-open what they're saying.

I just finished installing my WashPucksEco product - that was so easy. I had very mild noise issues with my washer - but wanted something to absorb the noise and get my washer and dryer off the ground, so my broom could clean better under them. I purchased the WashPucksEco 8 Pack - 4 for the washer and 4 for the dryer - it was economical and they work great.

Jared B.
Farmington Hills, MI


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